Waikiki, Cala Fonda & Playa de Calabeig, la Roca Plana (Waikiki 2) – Tarragona, Spain

By | March 1, 2014

These two spectacular beaches are two separate coves a couple of hundred meters apart hidden on a headland in a small stretch of coastal pine forest. (Tamarit-Punta de la Mora)  These beaches are very similar and well-populated during summer, but can be difficult to find if you don’t know the area. Once you find them, you will not be disappointed, they are absolutely delightful. These beaches are secluded, unspoiled, have fine golden sand, calm waters and a soft shallow entrance to the water that often has a small wave or swell.

To get to them you need to walk through the pine forest reserve. This will be about a 500 meter walk using a labyrinth of paths that will eventually make the coast and most seem to end up at Waikiki, if you start from the town of La Mora. The walk is very pleasant but you need to carry everything you’ll need for your visit, as both these beaches don’t have any services.

The first beach you’ll come to is Waikiki and in summer this will be spectacular and very crowded, probably due to the nearby camping area, people will come and go all day. The beach is 3 or so smaller coves that sort of separate the beach especially at low tide. The forest comes right up to the edge of the beach, although most people sit on the beach, there will be a few taking advantage of the shade on offer sitting on the edge of the pine forest.


The beach has a wide range of people as is usually the case, including quite of few family groups and young people from the camping grounds who turn up alone. The beach seems to be one of the attractions for the camping grounds. Although the camping grounds are textile, almost everyone on the beach is nude.


The next beach, Waikaki 2, is about a 5 minute walk again through the pine forest, if you know the way. Again it’s a bit of a trek and there are quite a few trails that lead in various directions. If you stay on a path with the ocean to your left you can’t really miss the beach. You will find the beach by standing above it on the bluff that overlooks this most spectacular beach. The beach itself is at the bottom and surrounded by a large cliff of golden rock.


To get to the beach you need to find one of the trails that will wind down to the cliff. There is one at the Waikiki beach end and it winds its way down to the beach. This track does require some level of agility and fitness, especially for the return back up the cliff.  You also need to be aware of a couple of overhanging rocks and branches on the way back up, which can be hazardous.

Once you are on the beach, it is truly spectacular. It’s about 300 meters long and about 100mts wide, of fine golden sand. This beach isn’t as busy as the other, probably due to the extra bit of difficulty to get to and being just that little bit further from the camping grounds. Waikiki 2, unlike the other beach has more of young crowd mainly of couples, who appear to make it a day trip with umbrellas, sun shelters and tents. The beach is a cove at the bottom of a large ochre coloured cliff face and really makes the beach a picture with a the blue of the Mediterranean and golden sands. 


Both beaches have no services at all, so if you want some refreshments or food you need to bring it with you. A toilet and shower would be a very welcomed inclusion, a kiosk I suppose you can do without if you remember to bring your own drinks and food. A kiosk would probably change the atmosphere of these idyllic beaches.


By car: exit the motorway at Torredembarra , and head towards Tarragona on the N-340. Enter the township of La Mora on Av, Mediterranl, Make a right turn and head towards the forested hill until you come to Carrer Baix Camp. Park near the entrance to the Camping area ‘Camping Torre de la Mora’. Parking can be tight in summer so best take what you can get, but park in the vicinity of the red circle on my map.

Walk into the pine forest (Tamarit-Punta de la Mora) behind the camping area. Follow one of the many paths that head toward the coast. Its best to ask someone or just follow the crowd. Its about a 500 m walk, but many of the paths cross and head off in various directions. Eventually you’ll find the coast and hopefully the beach. Most of the path head towards the beach anyway. These beaches would have to be some of the most difficult to find so please don’t despair and give up.

Other – make your way to the Town of La Mora and find your way to the beaches.

Some pre-planning might be considered to help you find these beaches.

If you find yourself in the area you should consider finding these delightful beaches which won’t disappoint you. 

Fonda map

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