Trafoulas / Trahulas (Τραφουλας) aka Psili Ammos, aka Dragon Bay

By | July 30, 2015

The best nudist beaches always seem to be the most difficult to get to and this one is absolutely no different. One of our NLN family thinks this beach is one of the best she has visited and rates it very highly. (She is a very hard marker so read into that, this is an absolutely an outstanding beach.) This beach would have to be one of the serene and peaceful places on the planet.

Trafoulas is a specular beach at the end of a small gorge with high rocky outcrops on three sides and that shelter this 250m long cove from the winds. The beach is one of those ‘out of the way places, where time stands still as the rest of world wizzes by’ unaware of such an amazing place. It’s a place where you will also be unaware of the rest of the world as it whizzes by. Trafoulas has a very real sense of solitude and serenity.


The high steep rocky area behind the beach has a few caves that do show signs of habitation and I understand that campers use these from time to time as does the odd hermit. The rocks in this cove are a novice geologist’s dream where one could potter about and ponder how this place was formed all those years ago. Suffice to say not much has changed since.

The beach itself is made of 3 distinct areas – from the gorge it’s a coarse dark grey sand that turns to small pebbles at the water; a white rock area that forms a rock shelf at the water’s edge that has been cut over time to make a series of convenient entry points into the water. You may also find a couple of places that will fit your body perfectly where the water will splash over you; the last area at the Eastern end of the beach is another rock platform made from a different rock.

The beach is not very well frequented, probably due to the effort you need to go to in finding this beach, but you are likely to be sharing it with no more than 20 or so people, on a very busy day, most who will go nude. However, you do get the feeling that at times you may be alone for most of the day. Needless to say opportunities for socialising are limited. The local goats will also visit the beach and are quite tame. There is not much atmosphere to this beach, but it’s the sort of place that would be ruined by any atmosphere anyway. The beach is amazing clean considering its isolation.

Trafoulas has crystal clear blue water and which is very alluring and refreshing after the walk to the beach, especially in the summer. In summer, it does get very hot and during the afternoon you will need to bring your own shade as the very few natural spots will be taken. The surrounding rocks also contribute to the heat and you would be well served to bring some suitable footwear to walk on the scorching hot sand. The beach has no facilities at all, so you need to bring any refreshments you may need. (You will need water). You may also carefully consider what to bring as you will carrying it in.

To get to Trafoulas, you will really need a car or your own transport. Make your way to the small village of Lentas on the south coast of Crete, about a 90 minute drive from Heraklion and a bus service operates between Lentas and Heraklion. The beach is not signposted in any way.


Just before you reach Lentas on the coast, take the left turn towards Petrakis beach, some tavernas and apartments. Follow this narrow road which soon becomes unpaved and winds its way along the coast. You will see a small port which is a shelter for the local fishing fleet and other vessels, turn to the right and make your way to the top of the hill. You will find a small car park and a recently completed (2015) wooden fence. This should take about 15 minutes of careful driving. (Lat=34.931682N, Lon=24.95727E). There is no public transport from Lentas to this point. If you do choose to walk consider an appropriate time of the day.


Walk down the steep trail from the car park which has a wooden fence to assist you (its moderately difficult). The side of the hill is covered in wild thyme and is part of the reward for making the effort to find this beach. At the bottom end walk through the Trahoulas gorge to the beach. This part of the walk is flat and depending on the day likely to be in shade. It’s lined with oleanders and olive trees and you may have some goats watching your progress. Some suitable footwear may be considered for this walk especially down the steep first part. The walk from the car park to the beach is about 15 minutes.


Your efforts will be rewarded with an absolutely magnificent beach.

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