The French Atlantic Coast – Part 2

By | July 11, 2013

Each resort and has a designated legal nude beach to the front of it. However, nudity is not mandatory on the beaches, but almost everyone is naked. You can visit each beach without staying at the resort, but you need to depending on the beach park some distance away and walk along the beach. La Jenny is the most isolated. Naturally one of the selling points of each resort is the beach, (everyone loves going to the beach) and each resort has activities for everyone that go well into the night.

The resorts are bordered by a large fence, in parts barbed wire and a corridor of thick trees. The front gates are maned by a guard of sorts (usually a young friendly lady) controlling a boom gate. They take their security very seriously.

If you don’t stay in the resort you are not permitted to enter without a day pass. Being a single male you require the French Naturalist Federation licence (25 Euro) and pay between 13 and 25 Euro for the pleasure, depending on the resort. I’m not sure about a couple but maybe they don’t get too many couples not staying. Each resort was a bit vigilant to guests at the front boom gate, and from this angle without a day pass it was a bit like I was trying to cross a neutral border under the noses of the Nazi’s during the last dust up these parts have seen. (Weeks of planning may have been involved). However, an enterprising not so young man may have been able to enter each resort from the beach entrance, using nothing more than rat’s cunning, years of training and a keen scene of wit … really, I just walked in.

The French Navy drove one of its warships along the coast one afternoon and the French Air force also made a few low level sweeps with fighters and helicopters. Maybe they had wind there was to be an incursion into one of the resorts. 

I started this trip in Bordeaux with the prospect of time on the three main nudist beaches of the area. Keeping in mind I have only been to the resort of Cap D’Agde to compare these places. The prospect of French wine, cheese and food was also high on my list.

So finding a restaurant in Bordeaux that boasts an all you can eat cheese buffet was something too good to pass up. The night I went they had 101 cheeses, (some nights its 250) all types including very smelly French one’s. I don’t think that I had all of them – maybe about half – but nothing but cheese and bread for dinner (there were some mighty fine cheeses) and the prospect of a week in 3 French nudist areas – sounds like heaven.*

*I’m not a religious man by any stretch, but if there is any concept of heaven for me, it must be something close to this.

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