Nudism in Spain

By | January 2, 2015

Spain is a mecca for nudists.

With a perfect beach climate, extensive coastline, literally several hundred beaches and numerous resorts offering nudist opportunities, Spain has something for either the seasoned or newbie nudist. The mild climate almost allows for visits almost all year round.

The Spanish attitude towards naturism is very laisse-faire and relaxed yet at the same time very respectful with minimal overt or inappropriate types (i.e. lurkers, perverts etc.) or behaviour making it ideal for first time nudist wanting to take the plunge into this wonderful world.

If you are considering taking your first plunge into the nudist lifestyle, Spain would be a great place to do so. You will find diverse places along the coast including sandy beaches, cosy inviting coves between rocks and beaches in wilderness areas. Some of the popular larger beaches will be so crowded you will be anonymous in the crowd.

For the seasoned nudist Spain has everything you could ever want and during summer the sun sets late in the evening. The days are hot and long.

Most major beaches will boast a bar (maybe even several) that serves drinks and meals, showers, toilets and a first aid station with life guards on duty during the summer season.

A number of large resorts and holiday areas are available and well subscribed by many international visitors.

(Thanks to Paul from Sydney for this posting)




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