Praia dos Pinheiros, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

By | September 4, 2017

N 37º 5′ 3.15″ – W 8º 40′ 2.16″

Our friends, Sam and Caity, recommended this beach to us from their travels, so we were keen to visit it ourselves during our visit to Lagos. This beach exceeded our expectations and is highly recommended.

This delightful, beautiful and postcard worthy beach is also the smallest nudist beach we have ever found. Like most nudist beaches it can be difficult to find and reach, this one due to the high golden cliffs dominating the area and surrounding the beach and not a very well-maintained track to the beach.

The beach is a very small patch of sand, no more than 30 meters long in one of the numerous coves dotted along this rugged and amazing coastline. The size of this small beach is also affected by the rising tide, which completely covers one of the small coves that make up this beach. High cliffs surround the beach and offer protection from the wind, and provide some shade during the day. There are no facilities on this beach, (toilets, showers, shop etc) so you will need to take everything with you especially water and you may consider a beach umbrella.

On the day of our visit the beach was quite crowded with about 40 people with everyone naked. The crowd was mostly couples, however, likely due to the difficulties to reach the beach, it was mostly a younger crowd. The vibe of the beach was relaxed and respectful, likely more so as it was holiday season. The beach is non-official but due to the remoteness and difficulty to reach, it’s unlikely any law enforcement official would patrol the area.

The beach boasts golden sands extending into the water, making it clear and ideal for snorkelling.
Unfortunately, boat going tourist operators, touring this part of the coast will usually stop or slow to show their clients the nudists. Some of them seem to include the beach as one of the attractions, but they do keep their distance and stay out of the beach cove and are only a minor annoyance.

The beach is about 3kms from the centre of Lagos, near the lighthouse (Faro) Ponta da Piedade (Mercy Point) which is claimed to be a 30-40 min walk. However, in the height of summer you may consider your timings for such a journey. Its an easy drive if you have a car, however, parking may be limited in the area.

The beach is on the left-hand side of the Ponta da Piedade coming from town. Its not sign posted but turn off about 100m before the carpark for the lighthouse and make your way to the coast. There are too many paths to give a detailed description, so you may be best to take some notes on a map before you go, but the area is worth exploring and very picturesque.

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There is a small ‘home-made’ sign indicating the start of the path down to the beach suggesting the nudist beach is below. The path is difficult and a certain degree of fitness and agility is required. The path can be dangerous in parts due to lack of maintenance and requires care, especially on the return journey.

This beach is a must if you are in the area.

3 thoughts on “Praia dos Pinheiros, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

  1. Mike

    I first visited this lovely beach 3 years ago, returned 2 years ago and am looking forward to lounging there again this September. Yes, the trek down to the beach is a challenge–took friends down there once and they vowed never to return!–but the beauty of the surrounding cliffs and the relative seclusion are the true attraction. Highly recommended for the adventurist naturist.

  2. Werner Marquardt

    I know this beach for more than 35 years. The neighbouring beach, “praia da balanca” in direction of the ligthouse used to be a nudist beach, too, then.
    If you want to swim, I propose doing this while the tide is above 3 m. You get that during high tide on full moon or new moon (syzygy), because you don’t have to care about the rocks on the ground. With more “water in teh tub”, you won’t hit them with your feet.

  3. Peter

    Unfortunately, the path down has been damaged by rain, so it is not easy to descend, and I cannot tell you whether it is possible to get back up. From what I could see at the top, there is indeed little beach at high tide.


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