Nude Beach Etiquette – Part 1 – Respect the Environment

By | January 18, 2015

This the first on a series of nude beach etiquette.

Respect the environment, most nudist beaches are in a National Park or Nature reserve. The area is likely to have sensitive areas where revegetation is underway, delicate dunes and prohibited or ‘no go’ areas. They may have threatened species of flora and fauna in the area so use only the designated walkways.

Ensure you only go nude in the designated areas. Some beaches you visit may have some local issues simmering away that you are not going to be aware of, with various groups actively attempting to remove the nude status of the beach.

If only part of the beach is designated a nude area – get dressed before leaving and this means more than a T-shirt. The rules at home might be different to your holiday spot. Also ensure the beach you have visited is definitely a nudist beach, you will soon be made aware if you have made this mistake.

Don’t litter – take everything you brought with you home and leave only your footprints. You may even see some people cleaning up the beach, if you feel like it the locals will appreciate your efforts, take more trash out than you brought in.

One thought on “Nude Beach Etiquette – Part 1 – Respect the Environment

  1. Countessa

    Always makes me wonder why people are happy to trash the area they go to enjoy and have some rest and relaxation in.

    Apart from it being commonsense to take home all your own rubbish, and hopefully something that someone else has left behind, it is also illegal to leave rubbish in National Parks etc.

    I always take an extra supermarket plastic bag with me to put any rubbish into. It is not very hard to this do.


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