Montalivet Resort – Part 2

By | September 12, 2013

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The commercial area is some distance away from the swimming pool area, however there is a bar in close proximity to the pool and the beach that starts up about 6pm or so. They also have a band there from time to time. Most people tend to get dressed for this one.

This resort like the others in the area promotes itself as a family holiday resort and there are loads of kids of all ages about. The adolescents tend to gravitate to each other and you will see them walking or cycling about. These kids probably see each other year after year and have grown up together. It also very common to see family groups of all ages wandering about or the grandparents taking the grandkids to the beach, all promoting naturist values. The resort really promotes the family aspect, outlining that several generations are often holidaying together.

I didn’t see anything that would suggest anything untoward, but there was a poster advertising a welcoming party at mid-night one night. I suppose you leave the kids in the van/tent/cabin and wander on down.

The resort despite being very well presented was a bit overgrown and nothing a crack team of ‘Jim’s Mowing’ contractors couldn’t fix and make more respectable, some of the privately owned accommodation could also do with a bit of TLC.

CHM Monta is one of the iconic resorts being one of the oldest and this shows, but they’ve been doing this for so long its very well suited to your lifestyle. It doesn’t seem to have ‘up market’ accommodation and relies more on the standard caravan park style. The place is teaming with family groups and adolescents who seem to wander about in packs. This place appears to host the same families year after year.  

If you’re happy to travel half way around the world to basically stay in a large ‘camping’ park is the price you have to pay to spend your holiday naked. 

Their English website is –

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