Kings Beach, Byron Bay, Australia

By | November 1, 2014

kings smallKings Beach is a delightful piece of paradise in the Broken Head Nature Reserve on the southern side of Byron Bay near Suffolk Park. This secluded, eastern facing beach is surrounded by a tropical rainforest where you can swim and sunbathe naked. Although this beach is not a legally nude beach, nudity was established here a long time ago and very much tolerated.

This beach is not hard to find but you will need you own transport. From Byron Bay head south on the Pacific Highway to Suffolk Park and follow the signs to the Broken Head Caravan Park. From here you have 2 options:


  • Park in the public car park (you will need to pay a small fee) walk onto the beach and follow the coast south over the headland and on to the beach. At high tide you may get sightly wet to drenched and the climb down the rocks may be for the more agile; or
  • Take the right turn just before the caravan park towards Seven Mile Beach. (Aptly named as it’s about seven miles long). The road will be sealed for about 50m then becomes gravel. Follow this windy road until you come to a left turn which will be a small car park. You may have difficulties finding a car space due to the limited number available. The path to the right at the top end of the car park leads on to the beach.

kings large

The walk on the track from the car park to the beach is worth the effort alone. It winds its way through the rainforest, where there are a number of examples of nature flora that have been signposted. The numerous birdlife will also welcome you from the tree canopy above, and as you descend through the rain forest, the sound of the surf becomes louder adding to the symphony of sounds. The path is a bit steep, but worth the effort for walk itself. The track is well maintained with steps to make your walk easier. It’s about a 10 minute walk to the beach.

The beach has no facilities and you will need to carry everything you’ll need for your visit, including water and sunscreen.

The beach is a crescent cove with rocky outcrops at either end, golden sand, a rainforest backdrop and rolling surf. It’s a beautiful beach in an idyllic setting. There are some shady areas available at the back of the beach at the edge of the rainforest under the Pandanis palms and depending on the day most of the best spots might be taken.

Depending on the conditions swimming should be safe, but as with all Australian surf beaches a healthy respect should be shown towards the surf, and common-sense should prevail before venturing too far into the surf if you are unfamiliar with the surf. There are no lifesavers or surf rescue facilities apart from a lone rescue floatation device and local authorities are not close by.

IMG_0465The dangerous surf conditions are explained by a legend of the local Bundjalung people, that the rocky outcrops are two sisters who went swimming in the strong surf in the bay. One was caught in the current and the other sister was also swept away while attempting to rescue her beloved sister.


Kings is a well-known as a gay nude beach used by gay and straight couples alike and single men who will be found happily coexisting in this stunning setting. Everyone tends to keep to themselves, either scattered about the beach on towels or shaded beneath the trees at the edge of the beach and the beach has sense of community with the regulars who are mainly gay.

The beach has a great friendly feeling where you will have a very enjoyable visit.



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