Diskos / Dytiko (Δυτικο), Crete.

By | August 8, 2015


Diskos / Dytiko (Δυτικο)

The small village to the west of Lentas is Dytikos or pronounced ‘Diskos’. It’s smaller than Lentas but is one of those places that has a real hippy feeling. Probably because you can camp right on the beach. It seems that there are a few remaining old hippies from the 1960’s still about. These days their grandchildren’s generation have arrived hoping to find any karma left over from the 1960’s and hopeful the Age of Aquarius is still upon us.

To get to this beach make your way to Lentas and instead of turning into Lentas continue west and follow the signs to Dytiko. You will be able to reach Dytiko by bus and the beach is easily found. During the day coming from Lentas you will see from the road that the beach is clearly nude. There is plenty of parking if you drive.


Dytiko has been built directly behind the middle of the beach and has a few tavernas that offer accommodation and food, a mini market and a few specialty shops that stock alternative and natural local products. From the tavernas you will clearly see naked people on the beach whilst you enjoy their offerings.

The beach itself is a south facing cove with sun all day. The campers occupy the areas at the rear of the beach at both the eastern and western ends extending all the way to the middle section below the tavernas. Some of the campers especially at the western end appear to have make semi-permanent sites by creating natural wind breaks and rock gardens under the trees.

The whole beach seems to be naked apart from the middle area, which some textiles use. I’ve heard that some signs are placed “please no naked bathing in front of the buildings”. (As if the textiles need any encouragement surely there are enough beaches to accommodate their needs.

The eastern (Lentas) end is the most traditional nudist beach with course grey sand and small pebbles. The western end part of the beach is sandy but some rock platforms are in the area and can become very slippery. The sand does become very hot in the heat of the day and suitable footwear should be considered.


The campers and regulars are likely to have taken any available shade, so you may consider bringing something with you. The mini market stocks most beach necessities and are a short stroll away. Parking is available as well.

Dytiko is a very attractive beach because of its natural setting, its size and it’s completely nudist character. It does get crowded and you may need to bring your own shade especially during the hottest part of the day, bringing water is essential. It has a very laid-back, accepting and relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to relax. The campers although adding to the atmosphere can be somewhat selfish being untidy and dirty. You also get the feeling that if allowed by the locals the town itself could become very nudist tolerant.

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