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By | November 15, 2014

La Chiappa resort is located on a secluded part of southern headland of the Porto-Vecchio gulf in the South East of Corsica. The town of Porto-Vecchio is about a 15 minute drive. The area is wild, beautiful and very extraordinary. The forested rocky headland creates a natural cove with a sandy beach that looks out to the sea which is generally calm and flat. The resort offers you the opportunity to relax in a very enjoyable naturist atmosphere. This fabulous setting is further accentuated by a backdrop of the nearby Bavella mountain range, which is worth exploring in their own right if you have the time.

Pool La Chiappa

La Chiappa Pool

Front Gates

Front Gates

La chiappa beach

La Chiappa beach









You will find the staff are friendly, welcoming and multi lingual. You also realise that this resort takes your security and safety very seriously. The entrance has a staff member posted all times who will check your booking and the front gate is locked out of office hours with security fellows who will check your credentials before allowing you access. After you arrive for your stay and drop off your luggage at your accommodation, you must remove your car from the site to the car park near the front entrance due to fire regulations. (Corsica is prone to devastating forest fires from time to time).

The front office also has some souvenirs to remind you of your stay on offer and other essentials if needed. The seclusion of the resort means that it’s a bit of an effort for someone to ‘sneak’ in. The resort is totally clothing optional past the front gate and is only open from May to October of each year.

The resort is well maintained, clean, very respectable and well set out amongst the forest. Oleander trees are plentiful and add a colourful lining to the roads and paths. The bungalows and villas are set up to offer total privacy, they are far enough away from each other so you shouldn’t be disturbed by your neighbors. (if you see them at all). These are well appointed, comfortable and clean. We were very impressed with our bungalow which included a well equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and large bathroom.



The camping area is extensive and covers a large part of the resort amongst the forest, which offers some relief from the hot Mediterranean sun during summer. Most of the camping area has privately owned permanent caravans that appear to have been well established by families originating from all over Europe. The area does offer some temporary campsites for motorhomes, caravans or tents.

The location of the resort allows it to offer a full range of activities, including a range of water sports. The area offers great diving opportunities that can be arranged at the resort. The beach and headland has fantastic snorkeling areas that are safe for all ages. An on-site horse riding ranch allows for tours of the surrounding areas including Tahiti beach, or just learn to ride. La Chiappa also has a kids club for the junior family members. The headland offers a number of hikes including the 40 min track to Tahiti beach which most people seem to do nude.


The 3 swimming pools are the focal point of the resort located just behind the beach and close to the restaurant, pizza and bar area. The main pool is 25m and available for lap swimming for some exercise. The heated pool with a spa is on a level above the main pool and offers an infinity finish that overlooks the beach and has great views, a paddle pool is available for the kiddies. The pool area has life-guards posted for your safety and small sauna (free) is located not far away.


Bar & Restaurant

The resort has an on-site supermarket and a couple of restaurants and bars that offer good food at reasonable prices. The supermarket stocks the superb local Corsican produce. During the day most people are nude at the restaurant but everyone will usually dress for dinner. WiFi is available near the supermarket but it could be considered a touch expensive and slower than what you’re probably used to. There’s evening entertainment in the resort at certain times including visits from one of the many circuses that travel the island during summer.


Beach & Headland

This fantastic resort has everything you could want for a great naturist holiday, friendly people, pleasant atmosphere, great setting, with everyone happy, relaxed and enjoying themselves. I think for such a resort to have large family groups and several multi-generational families, many who were obviously regular visitors is a very positive sign of just how good it is at La Chaippa.

The most difficult part of this resort is that one day you finally have get dressed and head home and leave this little part of paradise behind.

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