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Some Things I’ve Learnt About Being a Nudist – Part 4.

Health Benefits – we’re all born naked for a reason and our bodies work better when we are naked. These are a few reasons how being nude can be very beneficial. Prevention of Infections – When you spend a lot of time in clothing, you tend to sweat a lot. Sweat breeds bacteria, increasing your risk of bacterial infections.… Read More »

Some Things I’ve Learnt About Being a Nudist – Part 3.

You won’t have any tan lines – First timers do tend to stand out a bit with their tan lines and white bums– after a couple of visits these disappear and an all over tan becomes the norm. Public change rooms (gyms, pools etc) can become a challenge if you try and hide it – but you should… Read More »

Some Things I’ve Learnt About Being a Nudist – Part 2.

It isn’t an old or odd people thing. It’s an easy going people thing and its fun. You can relax, chill out and being naked you really will find your troubles just disappear. At first you may feel a little daunted by being out of your comfort zone without the ‘protection’ your clothes or swim suit offer, but… Read More »

Some Things I’ve Learnt About Being a Nudist – Part 1.

No one cares what you look like. The only person who will care, will be you. The first time you may be terrified, thinking people will stare and only at YOU and wonder why you having taken that gym membership and diet a bit more serious. Nothing could be further from the truth. You n eed to be… Read More »

The Decalogue of nudists

Nude bathing is not associated with any type of sexual seeking. It is not a right of a particular sexual orientation group, but its everyone’s right. The nudity should not be associated with exhibitionism and voyeurism. The nude does entail eroticism, but it is not a sexual expression. The nude friends enjoy and share the experience of nudism… Read More »

Travel & Beach Essentials – No. 3

Sun creams, lotions and tanning oils.   For most of us spending anytime in the sun these are essential. Especially for the casual beach goer or the first time nudist sunburn can always be a concern, particularly for those areas that might not see much sun.

I am a Naturist

Nude Beach Etiquette -Video

You will need Self-control Towel Step 1 Don’t call them nudists Don’t call them nudists. The politically correct term is ‘naturist.’ Step 2 Don’t stare at people’s private parts Don’t stare at people’s private parts. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If it would be unseemly to gape at that body part when it’s fully clothed, it’s downright… Read More »

Nude Beach Etiquette – Part 3 – Behaviour.

Generally you will have a great day and won’t have any problems but just a few points should be remembered. But please don’t be ‘That bloke’. Don’t make other beach goers feel uncomfortable due to your behaviour. NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY: Just because you’re nude doesn’t mean you can lewd. This undermines the nudist ethos and is offensive to most… Read More »

Nude Beach Etiquette – Part 2 – Dress Standards.

Dress Standards – Nudist beaches do have dress standards and these basically include a hat, sunglasses, sun cream and a smile. This may seem a bit silly but if you’re planning to visit one it’s for a reason and that is to experience nudism. Please be respectful of the people who have chosen this way of life and join in. If… Read More »