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By | February 11, 2019

Playa de la Curcullada  – Platja de la Curcullada (Cat.)

The rugged Catalan coast of the Costa Brava is characterised by high craggy cliffs of rouge colours, contrasted by the green pine trees and small shrubs of the coves, and the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. Winding roads hug the coast giving the tourist a challenging but enjoyable drive with many twists and turns, backdropped with specular views and look-outs for the chance to stop to appreciate the view. Some of these coves have small sandy beaches, some are accessible only by boat and others via trails from the road. 

Occasionally, at the foot of some of the cliffs are longer beaches and Cala del Sr. Ramon is one such beach, being the longest and widest sand beach in the area. Cala del Sr. Ramon is a jewel and an oasis on this rugged coastline.

The beach is a broad 50m wide and 350m long, of course pinkish sand/gravel, being common to the beaches in this area of Spain. The cove is bookended with high cliffs. You need to be mindful of very infrequent rock falls from the cliffs on to the beach, but a sand trap has been made at the rear of the beach for your safety. The cliffs behind the beach ensure its isolation and privacy.  

Rock platforms at each end and in the shallow waters allowing snorkelling and exploring. The sea floor is clean white sand ensuring translucent and clear waters.

Despite the beach being well attended during the summer, with a long nudist tradition, the beach is almost pristine and very well maintained, being a credit to the visitors of the beach.

The day we found this beach, it was a weekday in early August, the crowd included locals and holiday makers. We got the feeling the crowd would have swelled over the weekend ensuring it would be a very busy beach.

However, despite a long-term nudist tradition, you will still find some textile wearers on nudist beaches in this area and on the day of our visit it was about 60/40 towards the tradition.

A chiringito (beach bar), toilets, showers and rubbish bins for your convenience and comfort are in the car parking area – a short walk from the beach.

From the beach you can walk south or right towards Tessa del Mar around the rocks and the tiny Cala Concagats, after it, the famous nudist beach – Cala Vallpresona.

The name of the beach ‘Senyor Ramon’ is open to speculation and thought to be one of the owners of the area, but the beach is also known as Platja de la Curcullada.

The beach is between Tossa del Mar and Sant Feliu de Guixols on the road GI-682 at the 35 Kilometre mark and the entrance is signposted. If you’re traveling from Tossa del Mar it’s just after Cala Vallpresona. From Sant Feliu de Guixols, its about 11 kilometres. A small car parking area is near the entrance with a walk down the path to the beach, however, you must consider the walk back at the end of your day.  Without a car its difficult to reach.

The entrance itself looks like the drive way of a residence but the road does continue past the residence with a left hair-pin turn. Parking is available at bottom of the hill, near the chiringito and will cost about 6 Euro for the day. This road is narrow, windy and steep in places, but very manageable with care. Judging by the number of cars using this car park it doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s believed the local council collect the funds which are used to maintain the area, however, the residence at the top of the road suggests the car-park may also be private property.

The entrance to the beach is via a path from the carpark and is again well maintained. A small wooden path crosses a small creek and the entrance to the beach is at this path.

This beach is highly recommended.

What we like about this beach – Privacy, Isolation & Clean Waters

What we don’t like about this beach – Its difficult to reach without a car.

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Latitud—— 41.757235———-41º 45′ 26.046″

Longitud—–2.976329———-2º 58′ 34.7838″

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