Benalnatura (2) – Benalmadena – Costa Del Sol – Spain

By | July 30, 2015

There are beaches and then there is this beach (I don’t say this lightly) – this beach can be described in three words, atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve had more fun on another beach anywhere in the word. In fairness you can stay on the beach, read your book and drift off into your own world, enjoying the odd refreshment, but you like to socialise and met people this is the beach.

This beach has a very robust community that centres around the beach bar or Chiringuito. The beach community ensures that the beach is clean, maintained and beach goers adhere to the 100% nudist policy. If you are planning a visit to Benalnatura, you will need to be nude. If you visit the beach and plan not to embrace the naturalist dress standards, you will be politely asked to ‘dress’ appropriately or consider visiting another beach. You will not be served at the beach bar unless you are naked.


The beach is a small cove of a hidden oasis where the path to the beach is between apartment blocks from the main road. The beach cove has steep cliffs on three side and is completely hidden from the road. The entrance is well sign posted and along the path the signs clearly indicate its naturalist standing. Australian Eucalypt trees grow along the path and behind the beach giving a very Australian fragrance in the summer. The path leads to the beach bar and a small terrace with seating and umbrellas. This is directly behind the beach.

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The beach bar opens about 11am and stays open until about 10pm and sometimes later. During this time a full range of drinks and food are available and from late afternoon it can become very, very social. The bar plays a great range of music that really sets the mood. Depending on your social disposition you are likely to meet some great people to share a drink and a conversation. The beach attracts a wide range of people of all ages and from around the world. You are also likely to meet some new friends, whilst enjoying a drink – naked.

In June and August each year the beach hosts a moonlight party that continues till dawn with one of the Costa Del Sol’s beast DJ’s.

The beach is about 100m long and can get very, very busy especially on weekends and during the summer months and you are likely to be very close to your neighbours. The sand is a mix of grey sand, pebbles and some small rocks. Being south facing the beach it blessed in sun all day. There’s not much shade on the beach and can get very hot during the day. You may need to consider a beach umbrella which you can hire from the beach bar. The sand can become unbearably hot so suitable footwear is also a necessity.

The sea is usually placid, however occasionally a large swell will roll in and cause dangerous swimming conditions. Jelly fish can also impact on swimming but the beach community spends the day catching them with small nets. It’s great to see and is a great way to meet people but seems to have little impact on the numbers of jelly fish no many how many are caught.

The beach has well maintained shower and toilets, a barbeque area for beach members (a small annual fee) and a massage area and a shop.

This beach has something for everyone.


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