The Decalogue of nudists

By | July 6, 2015
  • Nude bathing is not associated with any type of sexual seeking.
  • It is not a right of a particular sexual orientation group, but its everyone’s right.
  • The nudity should not be associated with exhibitionism and voyeurism.
  • The nude does entail eroticism, but it is not a sexual expression.
  • The nude friends enjoy and share the experience of nudism as an expression of genuine physical and mental/emotional contact, and not as a sexual desire.
  • Naturalism is an ideology in the sense that is determined by a system of concepts such as self esteem, naturalism, freedom of expression, exoneration, true contact, naturality.
  • Nudism for many people is not limited to nature or water but can be a habit of daily life in their private place. The feeling of nude company in a house should neither be considered suspicious or incriminating situation, nor be accompanied by hints of sexuality.
  • The nude friends can coexist regardless of sexual orientation, assumed that they are conscious naturalists.
  • The nudity does not cancel our sex drives and does not prohibit expressing them. It can entail the erotic expression, but it must never be determined by this.
  • Nudism is a beautiful way (certainly not the only one) to know and love ourselves, and to know and love and the other without masking, retouching and hypocritical features.

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