Montalivet Beach – How to get there.

By | July 12, 2013

 This beach is located to the front of the CHM Montalivet naturist resort, a couple of kilometres south of the town of Montalivet-Les-Bains. Access to the beach is through the resort if you are staying there, if not you access the beach by walking along the beach.

To access from the beach, you are best to make your way to Montalivet-Les-Bains, park as far south of the town as you can – there is a beach parking area on the ‘Sud – Plage’ (South Beach) or parking in an area just to the north of CHM Montalivet and walk through to the beach. This really doesn’t save you much time and it’s really much of a muchness, no matter where you park. You’ll end up walking between 1 and 2 kms either way. (You can do pretty much the same by parking to the south of CHM Montalivet, and walk along the beach to the north but this is a bit further.)

Once on the beach – head south. You’ll see about a 1km away quite a popular area on the beach and this is the nudist section. Although the nudist section is designated, people do go nude outside this area and mix with the textiles.

The beach does have a few rocks hiding in the sand so you may kick your toes if you’re not careful. They aren’t plentiful but there are enough of them to be noticed.

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