La Jenny Resort – Part 3

By | September 21, 2013

The resort hosts activities for the kids and these seem to go from morning to late afternoon. One afternoon there were some kiddies practicing some classical music that created a very nice afternoon ambiance. For the sportier types, there are tennis and pétanque courts, a pony club (that’s not really nude), archery and so on and so on. There were organised activities, beach hikes, beach volleyball and more. The season’s entertainment book listed everything and the bands and movies that are on over the 2013 season. A notice board is in the main commercial area that lists activities and daily events. The morning offers yoga and zumba classes, most dress for these thankfully but odd the grand-dad and nana turn up and prefer the natural approach and aqua-aerobics books out part of the lap pool of a morning. 

Bicycles are popular due to the size of the resort and are available for hire.

This resort is managed or owned by the same group as Euronat being ‘France 4 naturisme’ and the resorts are sort of similar. This group also has 11 resorts throughout France and Corsica, in varying settings depending on their location but all seem to be camping based and offer the prospect of a fun naturist holiday.

The beach is about a 400m walk through the pine forest track. There are signs advising you that although the resort and beach are legal the track is not and they ask that you have ‘minimal clothing’ whilst using the track. Most people seem to think this means a smile, a hat, footwear and a towel over the shoulder, but others do have a sarong or t-shirt. Others take their bicycles to the beach and park them at the entrance to the beach. The beach is a real selling point for the resort and most people seem to end up in the afternoon.

This is a very pleasant and large resort, although the commercial area is a touch limiting. Its well-appointed and the pool being set in the commercial area makes it resort more appealing. The walk to the beach through the pine forest was also special; all in all this would be my choice of the resorts in the area.

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