La Jenny Resort – Part 2

By | September 22, 2013

The pool complex is located within the commercial area, with 4 pools totaling 1000m2, including 25mtr lap pool and kiddies pools. Nudity is mandatory at all times within the pool area and this seems to be something that everyone respects. Throughout the resorts although most people are nude, there are people in various stages of dressing being a sarong, t-shirt, etc and some of the adolescents are clothed, but the pool … you’re nude come what may. The pool area is supervised with two lifeguards (one male and one female) during opening hours who sit on a chair that is basically a tennis umpire’s chair. Naturally they are also observing the mandatory nudity, but everyone complies with this and you may see people turn up at the gate to the pool in some state of dress to disrobe and enter the pool area.

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In the pool, I swan up to my partner and gave her a bit of cuddle and pecking kiss, thinking it a bit strange that she pulled away, swam a short distance away and stopped. She told me that over my shoulder she saw a lady give us steely ice stare and a disapproving look. Such are the resort rules of people of a ‘sexual attitude’ are not welcome, and this was certainly on the very low end of that with nothing more than an embrace. So I suppose when in Rome ….

One afternoon, one of the lifeguards was running out of the complex and struggling with a first aid kit that was the size of a parachute bag, towards some incident. The other lifeguard was also heading off to the incident. I have no idea what the incident was apart from the size of the first aid kit (which could have contained a small surgical hospital) but by any measure it seemed somewhat serious. The lifeguards returned shortly after and everyone was calm so maybe it was a false alarm. But anyway it shows their commitment and response to incidents. Naturally they didn’t waste time in dressing.

The restaurant/bar area is a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the afternoon atmosphere looking over the pool and late in the afternoon they have a band. Most people are nude but as the night comes on, most return clothed and order at the restaurant. There is often the die-hard who will turn up with their family but they are few and far between. There are only really the 2 outlets in this area, one restaurant and one bar. They do serve a variety of foods and the restaurant doubles as the pizzeria, but generally you are limited for choice. The resort organises a number of shows and spectacles, by the La Jenny entertainment team or local performing artists, including cabaret-shows to rock opera, from demonstrations of circus acts to African drums, they claim there is always something for everyone.

In this area there is small hut that serves oysters, prawns, muscles and calamari on alternate days and is a very nice way to enjoy your afternoon. They come with a piece of bread and a glass of local white wine for 7 Euro. The supermarket, newsagent and other shops are enough for most of your needs but it seems that most people eat in their chalet. The resort gives you the season’s entertainment book that outlines the resort and its facilities; it also outlines numerous restaurants in the area outside the resort.

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