La Jenny Resort – Part 1

By | September 23, 2013

La Jenny is located about 40 minutes to the west of Bordeaux and you really need a car to get there. Make your way to the town of Le Porge and follow the signs and billboards to La Jenny, which is on ‘Route de La Jenny’. Again there is no mistaking that this is a naturist resort from these billboards. When you arrive take the turn off to La Jenny (look for the golf course and the nudists playing golf, which is very popular with the older folk) follow the road along the golf course to the main reception area. The resort is open from spring to autumn and you are best to check the dates if you are planning to arrive early or late in the season.

We stayed 2 nights at La Jenny and I had a day pass for one day when I booked, prior to staying. Before I was ‘allowed’ in with the day pass, I was given an overview of the resort rules being basically, NO PHOTOGRAPHY, the best place to park my car, NO PHOTOGRAPHY, a couple of basic road rules and NO PHOTOGRAPHY. Security is again tight with a boom gate and a guard of sorts. They have camera recognition for your number plate and the boom gate won’t operate unless you have registered it with the office.

We didn’t need any ID pass etc, for this resort which did surprise me, considering the other 2 resorts, (Montalivet & Euronat) and the front entrance security, maybe because it does take some effort to get there.

Again this is in a pine forest setting and is a very large place, over 300 hectares. It has chalet accommodation with no camping or caravan sites. The chalets range from quite small and ‘cosy’ sleeping 2 well really 1 to very large houses, sleeping up to 8. Most are privately owned and are rented to visitors when the owners aren’t at the resort. Again the resort is divided into precincts of similar types of accommodation.

La Jenny has a 6 hole golf course, ranging from par 2 to 4, on site that includes a driving range and practice putting green. The golf course is a mandatory nude and very, very popular with the older crowd. They play well into the afternoon and almost to dusk. The course is very well kept and makes an absolute picture. It also boasts a club house and a professional to give lessons to improve your game. Like other golf clubs you could image they have various competitions etc. 

The resort is also celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and every Saturday night they have a band/disco that plays the greatest hits of the past 30 years.

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