La Cala de Vallpresona

By | July 30, 2019

Our team when exploring new beaches have a certain excitement and anticipation of finding a new piece of paradise. The search for the beach that will exceed all others, whether in its unspoilt beauty, atmosphere or excellent services. Generally speaking the more isolated the beach, or degree of difficulty it is to reach the beach, is the higher the expectation. Especially when the beach is located in a national or nature park as this one is and reports of a long tradition of naturism. Our team set out to reach this beach after some planning and research. Unfortunately this beach spoils this premise.

The beach is located in a rocky cove, unspoilt and isolated. Located about 4km from Tossa Del Mar on the rugged and rocky coastline. Access is via the windy GI-682 coastal road where you park your car on the side of the road in the small parking area and walk about 10min through the forest. The beach has no services and you must bring any water or food.

Our team took the track from Cala del Senor Ramon, which takes about 20mins. The track is marked infrequently by a blue dot painted on some the rocks. This adventure does have a degree of difficulty and appropriate walking or hiking shoes are recommended as is a level of fitness, experience and agility. Taking some water is also a good idea. The track is highlighted by a number obstacles including steep headlands one of which has a single rope ladder to assist you, steep rock faces and need to cross large areas of round rocks. In parts some of the track is wet and slippery. During adverse weather or rough seas this route should be avoided for your safety.

The first cove, on the track – Caleta de Concagats is a small sandy cove and is a pleasant beach and maybe you may consider ending your adventure here, as its a much better option than your destination. It offers some shade and is used by naturists. Also being unspoilt and difficult to get to this beach does hold some attraction. However, if you must visit Vallpersona …

Vallpersona is the second cove from Cala del Senor Ramon. The beach is definitely unspoilt and like the area wild. However, we found the beach not to be one of those beaches of dreamy golden sand, as mentioned in some reports, but of cannonball sized rocks and small boulders, making the beach very uncomfortable for sunbaking and difficult for securing an umbrella. The rocks extend into the water, ensuring any swimming a dangerous and slippery ordeal. There are trees at the back of the beach offer some shade.

This beach, proved to be very much a disappointment and an ordeal to reach. Cala del Senor Ramon is a much better option, proven by the number of people who enjoy that beach.

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