Euronat Resort – Part 2

By | September 1, 2013


euronat - bikes

Although I was there about lunch time (most of the shops close for lunch in these parts anyway) and the place did seem to have a high occupancy rate, there weren’t that many people about. Maybe it was the size of the place, and the range of activities on offer.

It has a covered indoor heated swimming pool, a new outdoor pool, an outdoor slide pool, a large conference hall, and boasts a Thalassotherapy centre. There are services like massage, mud baths, seaweed treatments and also boosts the latest beauty treatments. Located near the camping section are basketball courts and tennis courts.

The Thalassotherapy centre offers an extensive range and options of treatments. For those not in the beauty industry, Thalassotherapy is the medical use of seawater as a form of therapy. The centre offers a range of products from one off visits to all day affairs that extend for a week, its mud packs, steam treatments, massages, relaxation sessions and the list goes on and on. Some of the weekly treatments start at 700 euros. So there’s a fair chance you could travel across the world and do nothing but spend your time under a layer of mud or being attacked by steam wielding implements, or just you could just go to the beach and sit in sea.

The pool complex has one entrance and you really do need your pass for this one, because you enter via a small office area that looked to have 2 older ladies on duty. This pair also looked like they meant business. This has an indoor pool and several outside pools, including a lap pool where you can train for the next nude Olympics and some of the youngsters looked like they were.

The resort offers many activities including, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, football, Judo, basketball, cycling, gym (offering various fitness classes), archery, jogging, French bowling and 2 marathons during the season. For the less active, organised craft and artistic pursuits lessons are available, (drawing, sculpting etc), chess, yoga, Qi-gong, etc, etc. There is really no reason to be bored in these places. Evening activities included dancing evenings, discos and jazz, cinema nights (probably French films) and the restaurants and bars are also open. They also have very well organised children activities, that seem to keep the kiddies entertained for the whole day.  The glossy brochures focus on families having a wow of holiday.

euronat beach 1 euronat beach 2

It all looked a bit quiet when I wandered about this place and the enormity of the resort really does hit home. The beach is over 1 km from the commercial centre and most people tend to cycle about. The size of the place might really detract from you using the facilities as they are just so far away. The commercial area would have everything you could need and even more, it’s really quite like your local suburban shopping centre. This area according to their website would be a lot of fun of an evening. So if you’re after a place again in a pine forest where you can wander about in you one button suit and probably keep to yourself, and enjoy the health benefits of seawater – this could be you.

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