Euronat Resort – Part 1

By | September 2, 2013


This is located about 6km’s to the north of Montalivet-Les-Bains. The resort provides directions from Bordeaux – take rocade exit n°8, RD 1215 Lesparre, Vensac, then follow signs. The front of the resort has a huge billboard sign, which again leaves you with no doubt the sort of resort you are about to enter. The resort opened in 1968-9, is 335 hectares and is the largest naturist holiday centre in Europe. Most of the area is taken up with chalets that accommodate from 2 person to 6 and larger but 20 acres are reserved for caravanning, 30 hectares for camping and two mobile home park sections. The resort is also set in a pine forest and naked flames or fires are prohibited. (This is the only thing naked that’s prohibited.)

There are 25 shops in the shopping/commercial centre. These include a bakery, wine shop, a grocery store, a fish market, a general merchandise shop, newsagents, beach stuff, various restaurants and bars. This area is the largest commercial area of the three resorts, (Montalivet & La Jenny) and offers the most-choice restaurant wise. There is also a Wi-Fi café here, but, if you wish to regularly update your social media of your stay, the costs may prelude you from enjoying a well-balanced diet, as the prices are somewhat on the high side.

There is a small beautician in the commercial area where you can get a ‘bit tidied up’ if you couldn’t get into Kevin’s House of Depilatory and Personal Grooming or in these parts ‘La Maison de Kevin’. Speaking of which, unlike last year’s fashion at Cap D’Agde where there wasn’t a hair out of place as there wasn’t a hair to be out of place. Most people have the ‘full treatment’ at Kevin’s or take the minimal approach of less is more. But at the other end of the spectrum, a few others are just a ‘bit tidied up’ to all the way to the ‘let’s get back to nature’ crowd preferring styles of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s but they are generally in the minority. This also transcends all age groups with the full range of styles. Generally most people don’t really seem to care, and it’s common to see family groups sporting the full gamut of styles.

According to the centre’s bylaws, users must adopt total nudity in all parts of Euronat, including the shopping mall. The accommodation packages guarantee naturist holidays that are as close to nature as possible. (You might be picking a bit of theme up here). Despite that, you’ll see people wandering about semi clothed with a sarong etc, which seems to be more the norm across the resorts. You may even see a few gents sporting a ‘Man Sarong’.

euronat - we live naked

The front office security is tight to say the least. Like Montalivet you need to have a photo pass which you need to wear at all times in the resort, the office has a photo booth in case you forget to bring a photo, or didn’t realise you needed one. Single males also need a current French or International Naturalist Federation licence (25 Euro for this year) and a daily fee to enter the resort, unless you’re staying there. Couples don’t need the licence. They really seem to discourage the single male at the front desk when you inquire about accommodation. There is a boom gate that is guarded to prohibit unauthorised entry.

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