Euronat Beach – How to get there

By | July 13, 2013

This beach is located to the north and about 6kms from Montalivet-les-Bains, and again is accessible via the Euronat resort. To access the beach, not though the resort you can park on either side of the resort. To the south, head north from MontalivetlLes-Bains, the road (D102E1) follows the coast with the coastal dune to your left, well you’re actually driving on it but you’ll know what I mean. You will reach a distinct right sweeping bend in the road. There are a couple of deviations in the road, but you can’t really miss this bend. This is the southern perimeter fence of Euronat. The road then continues on for about 2 kilometers.

Park in the vicinity of this bend, walk across the dune to the beach, about 300 or 400 meters. Head to your right or north once on the beach, you will see a group of people and the southern entrance to Euronat. You are likely to see people enjoying the sunshine and a few nudes on this section of the beach anyway. Continue walking north on the beach and you will come to the northern entrance to Euronat and some German concrete fortifications from the 1940’s. Theses have been either relocated or fallen from erosion onto the beach and make a very strange addition to the beach. It’s very surreal to be around these symbols of a past long gone.  Most are half buried in the sand and some of the local kiddies have practiced their artwork with some spray cans on these structures. Some of the artwork is very good and unfortunately some of the kiddies really do need a lot of work and practice.

euronat - pillbox

To come from the north, drive around the resort and continue on a road that ends at the beach. The resort if huge and this will take about 10/15 minutes. There is a surf club house and a small shopping village that services the camping/caravan park that is across the road. Walk onto the beach and head south. This approach is a little further, but there is a sizable car park, and the convenience of the shops might make this a better option.

The beach itself has larger rocks to kick, quite a few stones and a couple of rock platforms. There is also a bit of staining on the sand from the dirt that washes on the beach from run-off coming from the dunes.

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