Atlantic Coast Resorts – Part 2

By | July 21, 2013

Each resort is multi-lingual with signs in, French, English, German and Dutch, which have a few grammatical mistakes from time to time, but they get the message across and most of the staff claim to speak 3 or 4 languages. So you may find it difficult to explain that you don’t understand them. However, we did have someone in Barcelona ask us to speak in ‘Australiano’ to them not realising that we actually spoke English. These resorts have vehicles from most western European countries.

These resorts are located in a pine forest setting with a large front reception area and a boom gate at the entrance, with a person on duty. They are fenced with high security fencing including barbed or ‘anti-personnel’ wire and in parts corridors of vegetation. They clearly are sending a message that they don’t want intruders or someone wandering into the site by mistake. To do so would take some effort anyway. They do resemble from the outside certain facilities you may have seen in these parts in the 1940’s that were guarded by people wearing ‘Feld-Grau’. Security is taken very seriously, especially at the boom-gate area.

These resorts are a couple of kilometres across and wide and the size of these resorts is such that many use bicycles to get around. It’s common to see whole family groups riding around, including little kids trailing behind their parents, and being instructed in various European languages to watch where they are going. You could walk around for your morning exercise but most of us might want to put aside the best part of a couple of hours (if you want to see the whole resort) and a good lie down afterwards. It’s not unusual is see a lady wearing nothing but a sports bra and running shoes running about.

Naturally there are places to lock your bike and at the beach entrances on the resort side looks like a Tour de France rest area. Being in a nudist resort they are also mostly nude riding around. Most people don’t surface until mid-morning or even towards lunch time, so they really look like they are deserted in the morning, but come midday and these places are teaming with people, well until about 1pm when the shops and activities close for lunch and re-open mid-afternoon. Each resort has a small commercial centre that offers restaurants, eateries, shops, supermarkets, newsagents, beauty parlours and of course bike hire. They have basically everything you will need for your stay without ever leaving. These commercial areas seem to be the centre or the heart of the resort with information boards outlining daily activities etc.

These resorts have a range of activities and entertainment especially for the kiddies. Again this was during the school holidays and the resorts were very busy. Most of the people here have deep all over tans and many of the kids have tans that would rival some of our Cobblers die-hards.

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