Atlantic Coast Resorts (La Jenny, Montalivet & Euronat) – Part 1

By | July 22, 2013

The first thing you realise about these resorts is that they are huge, very security conscience, well subscribed, extremely family orientated and wholesome. The next thing is that they come with a price tag for you to get your gear off. They can be a touch pricey for what you get compared to a textile resort. The next is that you’ll probably feel a bit out of place if you come on your own and I’d recommend that you bring someone else or come as a larger group. In fact you would have a great time if you do. You’ll also realise there’s absolutely no place for those with a ‘Sexual attitude’, here (well in public) and you best make your way to the south of France if this is your bent.

These resorts are very much like a large caravan or a camping park you would see here in Australia, but much larger than anything that I have seen before. They have a range of accommodation options from bring your own tent, caravan etc, (except at La Jenny) to permanent on site rentals from fixed tents, and a range of cabins or chalets. You can also purchase your very own chalet or cabin and live on site.

The cabins are well appointed but modest and your stay will be comfortable, like most holiday accommodation they have a kitchen with the basic stuff in the cupboards and drawers so you can cook up your very own storm but you’ll need to hire linen etc. They don’t have TV’s etc, but some of the larger ones will have a small stereo system, so there really isn’t any reason to spend the day in your cabin unless you have a good book. In the event of a rainy day or a cold snap which this area can experience during summer, you really might need a good book or consider some ‘indoor pursuits’ with the person you brought to entertain you. You may be a touch disappointed if you’re used to or expecting a boutique hotel or the more up market establishments you may have stayed at in the larger towns, or the quaint B&B in the nearby vineyards. This is the price you may pay to be able to spend your day in your ‘one button suit’.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the resorts are closed during the winter months, it gets slightly cold during this time and not very conducive to these type of activities. Maybe, summer in Australia and then summer in Europe mid-year, could always be an option.

These resorts are NATURIST resorts, not NUDIST resorts. There has been much debate about the difference, semantics or grammar, maybe it’s been lost in translation, but they claim the difference is, NUDISM is to live nude, NATURISM; total respect for the individual and the environment, living with nature, one’s body and one’s freedom, and so on. I don’t want to get all deep and meaningful or new age with you or even evoke a debate. I’m sure you may have your own understanding on this and that’s if you even care but it’s probably worthwhile understanding this. These resorts also are heavily involved with the various nudist/naturist federations and associations and promote their values and efforts.

In any event, total nudity is encouraged with numerous signage within the resorts of ‘Respect nudity’ & ‘We have nothing to hide’ and in the swimming pool areas, nudity is mandatory come what may. They have signs around the resorts of large cartoons depicting family groups enjoying life ‘sans clothes’ and swimwear with slogans ‘respect our values’. They also suggest that as you’re having a holiday at a Naturist resort you should be naked. (Makes sense to me.) Despite this most people dress for the evening and dinner but there are always the one or two die-hards. In any event you can basically go nude from the ‘front door’ of the resorts and remain so for the rest of your stay. This includes supermarkets, shops and restaurants, although some people tend to dress in some modest way. So if you are planning on spending the most of your holiday at a resort, you can pack pretty lightly. You will need a towel or a sarong to use chairs and seating for hygiene purposes. They do acknowledge that you may need to dress under certain circumstances and note allowances for this. ie cold/wet weather, sun burn, medical issues, etc.

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