Atlantic Coast Beaches (France) – Part 3

By | July 27, 2013

The resorts discourage any sexual jewellery and adornments, so this sort of stuff so this transposes to the beach. There’s no strange men wandering about with ‘cock-rings’ or rings hanging off their private bits.

There are no lurkers about to speak of – there is the odd gent who does look a bit odd wandering about who is really OK and largely ignored.

la jenny beach

I asked the lifeguard if there are any problems on the beach at La Jenny, and he reckons that photographers are the biggest problem. Despite the crowd basically keeping to themselves there is the occasional greeting etc, and they seem to all book the same week/s for their holidays at the resorts and accordingly know each other.

So if someone is suspected of taking photographs the lifeguards are notified and the beach ‘goes into action’ (according to the lifeguard) and they try and ‘smoke’ them out. Although the lifeguards don’t have any legal authority to remove any suspects, the local police have sort of ‘deputised’ them and provided there is no violence they can ask the suspect to leave the beach and I’d suggest they would be more than willing. They haven’t had any problems get out of hand – but it might be a touch uncomfortable being a suspect with a couple of fit, young lifeguards and a couple of hundred beach goers asking you to leave. The police will come down if required but I get the feeling they would rather do other things.

At La Jenny there was a young fellow armed with a professional camera taking photographs of a girl modelling for him, they were both nude and in their early 20’s. The photos were clearly of her and of no-one else, maybe the beach in the background, but they certainly were not hiding their actions. There was nothing suggestive, just smiles and poses. The lifeguard had a chat to them and they wandered off down the beach with the camera in the bag.

So it appears the best advice I can give is leave your cameras at home.

These beaches are very good, a great crowd, well serviced and make for a relaxing afternoon. Only the water was a tad cold between 16 – 18 deg C, in fact it was bloody cold.

If you do want to visit these beaches, I’d suggest you stay in one of the resorts especially for La Jenny, if you don’t hire a car. Otherwise there is some accommodation in the area at the local towns.

I’d recommend these beaches to anyone wanting a relaxing beach holiday on a reasonably crowded beach.

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