Atlantic Coast Beaches (France) – Part 2

By | July 28, 2013


Although these beaches are designated legal beaches and most if not all are nude and very respectful, nudity is not mandatory and you are likely to see the odd person dressed or a group wearing swimwear. Some of the ladies are only topless but it’s mostly club uniforms. No-one seems to mind or careless.

The crowd are mostly people staying at the resorts. These beaches have a real family atmosphere; it was just like going to your local beach as a kid. There were all manner of family members, groups of mum, dad and the kids, grandparents and the kids, couples, and surprisingly for me, groups of kids, teens and adolescents. The number of singles of all ages was also surprising. To get some idea– think of the busiest textile beach and that was what it was like, except everyone was mostly nude. These people are a bit of an afternoon crowd that seems to go with the holiday timetable – get up, breakfast about 10am, lunch about 2pm and then the beach. These beaches really took me by surprise – the ratio was well in favour of the ladies, maybe 60/40 maybe even higher.

There are a lot of people at these beaches especially on weekends, but due to the size of the beach it could easily accommodate many more. In the afternoon there is a procession of people coming from the resorts either on foot or by bike. They are mostly naked and turn up put their towel down and enjoy the beach.

The behaviour on these beaches is impeccable and would meet the standards expected by our very own and good friend The Countess, there’s no funny business on these beaches, probably due to the family atmosphere and large number of families. I think the lifeguards might have a word to you or even another beach goer if you were exhibiting any ‘sexual attitude’. It seems to carry over from the resorts. These people are hardened nudists or naturists, there’s no room for anything else in public. It really was a pleasant change to Cap D’Agde, where there was plenty of ‘sexual attitude’. There are no exhibitionists and everyone does what you do on a normal beach – enjoy your day in the sunshine.

These beaches are immaculately cleanliness and these would have to be the cleanest beaches I have seen. Considering its Europe and the number of people who go there, these beaches are spotless. There aren’t even a few ciggy butts. There’s a bit of flotsam that’s been washed up – a bit of rubbish, logs, etc but generally they are impressive. These beaches would be given the Countess’s five star rating for behaviour and cleanliness.

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  1. Caroline

    One week ago I have visited Montalivet naturist beach I am 26 and I found there a big crowd of young peoople. I felt very comfartable to play there volleyball and other beach games totally naked and I found there young crowd totally relaxed and naked and happy like you mentioned in your post. As very experienced naturist traveler Can you please advise me where I should next time to find the similar atmosphere? Thank you!


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