Alexandria Bay, Noosa National Park – Australia

By | May 1, 2014


This 1 kilometre stretch of surf and golden sand is one of many similar beaches on the Australian east coast. You may also know it as ‘A Bay’.

What sets this beach apart from the others is difficult to say, maybe it’s the trek through the Noosa National Park, or because the trek to get to the beach makes it a touch isolated and seems like you are a 1000 miles from anywhere. It could be the backdrop of the National Park that ensures you can’t see anything but natural beauty. Maybe it’s the Queensland climate that ensures the beach season is viable all year round. The relaxed and laid-back atmosphere of the beach could be part of it or the size of the beach or the rolling surf, where you may see a turtle swimming about or a fish with a very large tail. Whatever it is, this beach is spectacular. It’s also regularly in the Top 10 Australian beaches and the Top 10 nudist beaches of the world. This beach is one you should make an effort to go to.


This beach is not a legal nudist beach – there are no legal nudist beaches in Queensland – but nudity on this beach is tolerated and accepted. The police may make the odd appearance from time to time but are generally just patrolling about or on the lookout for something else, they leave the nudists to enjoy their idyllic day. The beach also hosts the annual Alexandria Bay beach carnival during March and attracts a couple of hundred people.

Although the entire length of the beach is an accepted nudist beach; most nudists tend to settle towards the southern end. You may find a couple of people sitting about half way along and occasionally a few towards the northern end. So if you want to be left alone you will be able to find a spot and settle in on the vastness of the beach. The beach is also shared with our textile friends, some who even decide after a while to remove their swimwear; the atmosphere is ensures it’s a very laid back beach. The coastal track includes the beach and a few people will walk past you on their trek. Generally you won’t find that many people on his beach and if you do settle at the southern end you are likely to have a lot of personal space.

This beach faces east; so early birds will see a great sunrise over the Pacific Ocean to great them, but a trek in the dark to see it could be a challenge as there’s no camping in the park including the beach. As the sun sets behind the beach, once the afternoon shadows start they become long very quickly. The best time for this beach is definitely in the morning and early afternoon, remembering that Queensland doesn’t observe day light saving. During mid-summer the shadows will appear about 6pm and if you’ve been there all day it’s probably time head off due to the Queensland heat. About mid-afternoon a cadre of odd men (the sort who are not generally looking for a sun tan) start to turn up and strategically position themselves on the beach, generally as close as they can to a couple.

This beach doesn’t have any services so you need to bring everything with you and consider that the walk may limit what you bring, but you should bring some water. There are no toilets or shops on this beach. There is some shade towards the back of the beach under the trees.


Emergency RadioDSC_0048

There are no lifeguards on this beach the nearest being Sunshine Beach to the south. There are emergency radios at each end of the beach. This beach does have strong currents and dangerous surf conditions at times so if you are unsure of the surf, inexperienced in the surf or not a strong swimmer its best you follow the locals and if unsure don’t enter the water. This beach has been responsible for the death of a couple of people over the years. If you do find yourself in difficulty, help will take some time to get to you. The lifeguards will turn up about twice a day especially on weekends in a 4WD buggy and drive the length of the beach, and you may see them on a jetski behind the waves from time to time.






This is an idyllic beach in a beautiful setting and although it may take some effort to reach you will find this to be a very special beach with a great atmosphere. If you find that you can’t relax on this beach maybe you should seek some professional assistance. I would recommend this beach for any holiday and it is truly one of Australia’s hidden places.

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