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Nude Beach Etiquette – Part 3 – Behaviour.

Generally you will have a great day and won’t have any problems but just a few points should be remembered. But please don’t be ‘That bloke’. Don’t make other beach goers feel uncomfortable due to your behaviour.


Just because you’re nude doesn’t mean you can lewd. This undermines the nudist ethos and is offensive to most people. It’s also a criminal offence to engage in sexual activity in public anyway, whether by yourself or with your partner. The regular beach goers are likely to call the police and you may need to explain your actions to them and try and convince them of your point of view. They won’t agree with you and are likely to give you an unwelcomed tour of their facilities.

Despite what images and videos you may have seen on the internet suggesting a nude beach is non-stop action, this is really not the case.

Don’t be remembered as that creepy bloke who can’t ‘leave himself alone’, no-one wants to see it and ladies don’t find this attractive, the locals are likely to give you an unflattering nickname as well.

This type of behaviour can threaten the status of some beaches, and local opposition to our beaches often raise these instances to further their cause. If you wouldn’t do it on a textile beach don’t do it on a nude beach – go get a room.

Just because a lady is enjoying herself at a nude beach especially alone doesn’t mean she wants sex, especially with you, so leave her alone.


It’s rude to stare at others at the best of times especially on a nude beach. If you have made the effort to come to one of our beaches, join in, if you came to ‘have a look’ – stay at home and read a magazine. The beach isn’t a parade for your gratification and you will cause others to feel uncomfortable.

This includes care where setting your towel up or sitting on the beach. We’ve all seen ‘the bloke’ who manages to set up ‘strategically’ so he can have a good look, or ‘the bloke’ who keeps moving around the beach to get the best viewing point.


No-one wants to be the latest internet sensation with naked photos of themselves causing them embarrassment and explaining to their mum how they spent the weekend. Don’t even consider taking photos of children if you value your health.

So leave your camera and video recorder at home and don’t use your mobile phone for this purpose too. You should also be mindful of where you point your mobile phone’s camera lens. If you do wish to undertake any photography on a nude beach especially unwelcomed be prepared for an ugly confrontation and your device being tossed into the water.

There’s enough photos on the internet for your entertainment – we don’t need anymore, especially yours.

Nude Beach Etiquette – Part 2 – Dress Standards.

Dress Standards –

Nudist beaches do have dress standards and these basically include a hat, sunglasses, sun cream and a smile.

This may seem a bit silly but if you’re planning to visit one it’s for a reason and that is to experience nudism. Please be respectful of the people who have chosen this way of life and join in. If you see a sign ‘Nudism Obligatory’ you wont have much of a choice as the locals will enforce the dress standards and ask you to leave if you don’t comply.


If you wish to remain clothed or wear a swimsuit there are many other beaches that cater for you.

However, if weather, hygiene, medical or safety reasons require clothing – keep it simple.

A nude beach is not the best place to model the latest lingerie fashion pieces nor is it the place to be ‘that bloke’ parading about in your baggy old underwear of yester year.

Intimate body piercings and jewellery are fine as long as they are simple and tasteful. No-one needs to be bedazzled by your bling or hear you playing jingle bells coming down the beach.

Likewise attachments like ‘cock-rings’, slings, harnesses and other apparatus which you think enhances your manhood should be avoided. They look silly and very creepy on a nude beach, just ask any lady. (maybe if you are wearing one of these you might not know too many ladies anyway and you are unlikely to meet any wearing one.) These might be best left for your private personal recreational pursuits. Outlandish items will be frowned upon as they would be on textile beaches.

Intimate grooming. These days most people generally take some care with this and what you’re comfortable with will be fine and accepted. If the natural styles that were fashionable in 1970’s are more your thing so be it, but most people tend to prefer the less is more approach and tidy up ‘down there’. The complete removal style is also very common. After a visit or two you’ll get the idea anyway.

You may also consider a towel to be necessary for using any public seats and chairs for hygiene reasons.

Basically you’re going to a nude beach, its to be naked – so you really won’t need too much.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this or other topics so drop us a line.

Nude Beach Etiquette – Part 1 – Respect the Environment

This the first on a series of nude beach etiquette.

Respect the environment, most nudist beaches are in a National Park or Nature reserve. The area is likely to have sensitive areas where revegetation is underway, delicate dunes and prohibited or ‘no go’ areas. They may have threatened species of flora and fauna in the area so use only the designated walkways.

Ensure you only go nude in the designated areas. Some beaches you visit may have some local issues simmering away that you are not going to be aware of, with various groups actively attempting to remove the nude status of the beach.

If only part of the beach is designated a nude area – get dressed before leaving and this means more than a T-shirt. The rules at home might be different to your holiday spot. Also ensure the beach you have visited is definitely a nudist beach, you will soon be made aware if you have made this mistake.


Cobblers Beach, Sydney








Don’t litter – take everything you brought with you home and leave only your footprints. You may even see some people cleaning up the beach, if you feel like it the locals will appreciate your efforts, take more trash out than you brought in.

Travel & Beach Essentials – No. 2

A GPS for your car.


IMG_0495Most nudist beaches always seem to be located in that National Park, hidden cove or the far end of a very long beach and public transport doesn’t really put you close by. Which means you usually end up needing to drive to save your legs and time.

If you rent or hire a car they usually charge you 10-15 of the local currency per day. So you may consider purchasing your own for about the 100 mark and taking one with you.

If you’re considering international travel a quick search on ebay for the maps you will need will be available on a card that fits into the back of your machine for a reasonable cost.

Travel & Beach Essentials – No. 1

IMG_0494During a visit to the beach there is nothing better to than enjoying a cold refreshment or some snacks. Unfortunately not every beach boasts a bar or shop so you will need to bring your own. Depending on what you bring you may require a tool or implement to open your bottle.

You may consider the pocket knife option that includes knives for snacks and the like, the ‘waiter’s friend’ as drinks opener or just a small multi tool that includes at the least a bottle opener.

Another consideration is that if you need to undertake air travel to reach your favourite beach you will need to pack these in your hold luggage to avoid confiscation at airport x-ray screening points.


Nudism in Spain

Spain is a mecca for nudists.

With a perfect beach climate, extensive coastline, literally several hundred beaches and numerous resorts offering nudist opportunities, Spain has something for either the seasoned or newbie nudist. The mild climate almost allows for visits almost all year round.

The Spanish attitude towards naturism is very laisse-faire and relaxed yet at the same time very respectful with minimal overt or inappropriate types (i.e. lurkers, perverts etc.) or behaviour making it ideal for first time nudist wanting to take the plunge into this wonderful world.

If you are considering taking your first plunge into the nudist lifestyle, Spain would be a great place to do so. You will find diverse places along the coast including sandy beaches, cosy inviting coves between rocks and beaches in wilderness areas. Some of the popular larger beaches will be so crowded you will be anonymous in the crowd.

For the seasoned nudist Spain has everything you could ever want and during summer the sun sets late in the evening. The days are hot and long.

Most major beaches will boast a bar (maybe even several) that serves drinks and meals, showers, toilets and a first aid station with life guards on duty during the summer season.

A number of large resorts and holiday areas are available and well subscribed by many international visitors.

(Thanks to Paul from Sydney for this posting)




Happy New Year – 2015

Happy New Year – 2015

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Corsica – How to get to La Chiappa

La Chiappa is not difficult to find but you would be best to consider traveling there by car or at least hiring a taxi in Porto-Vecchio.

Entrance - La Chiappa

Entrance – La Chiappa


La Chiappa about a 15-20 minute drive from Porto-Vecchio and located on the southern headland of the Porto-Vecchio Gulf, on the Island of Corsica.

Corsica is an easy flight within Europe and has 4 airports. For La Chiappa you would be best to use either Bastia or Figari, depending on where you start your journey and what else you may have planned. Ajaccio and Calvi are also options and are on the other side of the island. Ferries are also an option if you don’t want to hire a vehicle on the island, or bring your own if you’re based in Europe. You are best to check with airlines and ferry operators for what suits your plans and timetables.

Turn off -Route Du Phare

Turn off -Route Du Phare

Porto-Vecchio is the largest nearby town from the resort with the N198 the main highway to reach it from the North and South. On the southern side of Porto-Vecchio turn off the N198 at the round-a-about on Route De Piccovagia. This round-a-about is also the junction with the D859. Follow the Route De Piccovagia as it winds its way along the headland. Turn left on to Route du Phare until you come to the resort. This turn off is well signposted.


Porto veechioporto 1


CORSICA – La Chiappa Resort

La Chiappa resort is located on a secluded part of southern headland of the Porto-Vecchio gulf in the South East of Corsica. The town of Porto-Vecchio is about a 15 minute drive. The area is wild, beautiful and very extraordinary. The forested rocky headland creates a natural cove with a sandy beach that looks out to the sea which is generally calm and flat. The resort offers you the opportunity to relax in a very enjoyable naturist atmosphere. This fabulous setting is further accentuated by a backdrop of the nearby Bavella mountain range, which is worth exploring in their own right if you have the time.

Pool La Chiappa

La Chiappa Pool

Front Gates

Front Gates

La chiappa beach

La Chiappa beach









You will find the staff are friendly, welcoming and multi lingual. You also realise that this resort takes your security and safety very seriously. The entrance has a staff member posted all times who will check your booking and the front gate is locked out of office hours with security fellows who will check your credentials before allowing you access. After you arrive for your stay and drop off your luggage at your accommodation, you must remove your car from the site to the car park near the front entrance due to fire regulations. (Corsica is prone to devastating forest fires from time to time).

The front office also has some souvenirs to remind you of your stay on offer and other essentials if needed. The seclusion of the resort means that it’s a bit of an effort for someone to ‘sneak’ in. The resort is totally clothing optional past the front gate and is only open from May to October of each year.

The resort is well maintained, clean, very respectable and well set out amongst the forest. Oleander trees are plentiful and add a colourful lining to the roads and paths. The bungalows and villas are set up to offer total privacy, they are far enough away from each other so you shouldn’t be disturbed by your neighbors. (if you see them at all). These are well appointed, comfortable and clean. We were very impressed with our bungalow which included a well equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and large bathroom.



The camping area is extensive and covers a large part of the resort amongst the forest, which offers some relief from the hot Mediterranean sun during summer. Most of the camping area has privately owned permanent caravans that appear to have been well established by families originating from all over Europe. The area does offer some temporary campsites for motorhomes, caravans or tents.

The location of the resort allows it to offer a full range of activities, including a range of water sports. The area offers great diving opportunities that can be arranged at the resort. The beach and headland has fantastic snorkeling areas that are safe for all ages. An on-site horse riding ranch allows for tours of the surrounding areas including Tahiti beach, or just learn to ride. La Chiappa also has a kids club for the junior family members. The headland offers a number of hikes including the 40 min track to Tahiti beach which most people seem to do nude.


The 3 swimming pools are the focal point of the resort located just behind the beach and close to the restaurant, pizza and bar area. The main pool is 25m and available for lap swimming for some exercise. The heated pool with a spa is on a level above the main pool and offers an infinity finish that overlooks the beach and has great views, a paddle pool is available for the kiddies. The pool area has life-guards posted for your safety and small sauna (free) is located not far away.


Bar & Restaurant

The resort has an on-site supermarket and a couple of restaurants and bars that offer good food at reasonable prices. The supermarket stocks the superb local Corsican produce. During the day most people are nude at the restaurant but everyone will usually dress for dinner. WiFi is available near the supermarket but it could be considered a touch expensive and slower than what you’re probably used to. There’s evening entertainment in the resort at certain times including visits from one of the many circuses that travel the island during summer.


Beach & Headland

This fantastic resort has everything you could want for a great naturist holiday, friendly people, pleasant atmosphere, great setting, with everyone happy, relaxed and enjoying themselves. I think for such a resort to have large family groups and several multi-generational families, many who were obviously regular visitors is a very positive sign of just how good it is at La Chaippa.

The most difficult part of this resort is that one day you finally have get dressed and head home and leave this little part of paradise behind.

For further information – go to their website –